A Delightful Twist

Music isn’t music if there isn’t space between the notes.

In fact, one may argue that it is the space between the notes that makes a song a song.

Often we think it’s the melody, or the lyrics. But without the rhythm, most songs are completely unrecognizable. Get the groove right though, and you can do anything you want with the melody, harmonies and words and still pull off a great performance of the song.

So if space and silence are important in music, and music is simply a grand metaphor for life, it could be said that space in silence is super-important in LIFE.


We’ve decided to end the tour a few weeks early. We’ll save the California portion of the trip for the days when we’re longing for sun. We’ll spend some time grounding. Soaking up the Portland fall. Breathing deeply as we let all the amazing lessons and insights from our first music tour of the United States sink in and become us.

We’re here, but we’re not charging back into the life of schedules and events just yet. We’ll take some time to reflect with gratitude, complete anything that feels unfinished, and then walk steadily forward with wisdom and intention into the next segment of life.

“Thank you” doesn’t seem big enough to portray the depth of our gratitude for what we’ve experienced. But it’s all we’ve got, so: Thank you for the open road. Thank you for the best little motor home on the planet. Thank you for all the people who listened, shared, opened, contributed, and transformed right along with us. Thank you for blessing us with good food, good books, good hikes, good stars, good audiences, good luck, good gas, good laughs, and good memories. Thank you for showing us that we can do ANYTHING we set our hearts out to do. Thank you for the dissonance and the consonance. Thank you for the ups and the downs. Thank you for music…the grand symphony we call Life.


Beautiful Carnation

What an amazing show we had at the Slider’s Cafe in the cutest little town, Carnation, Washington.

They grilled the brats, folks came and sat all around, and we sang our hearts out. Well, truth be told, Kendra sang her heart out cause Greg picked up quite the bug from somewhere out there.

But the show must go on! Greg rallied and provided a solid foundation of guitar and a pure beam of joy. Kendra closed her eyes and threw down some vocals and bluesy cello solos. And the audience loved it!

Next time you’re driving through Washington, stop at Slider’s Cafe for sure!

Thank you, Jessa Young, for setting everything up and sharing your fabulous music right along side us!

Raw & Living Spirit Retreat

What do you get when you cross beautiful people, fabulous food, cosmically divine music, a swimming hole, and bunk beds?

A whole lot of laughs and smiles and insights and joy. That’s what.

We got to be the “heads of the music department” for this event, so that meant music around the campfire (well, candle-fire due to the fire-ban), rich collaborations with singing bowls, hang drums, seven-stringed violins, pianos, guitars, voices, cellos (of course), and good vibes all around.

When we weren’t playing music, we were learning about foraging for wild edibles in the forest (and around neighborhoods!), the power of green smoothies, the importance of healthy lymph systems, and more.

Watch for this retreat next year…what a great event!

Haystacks & Full Moons

What a great welcoming committee for our return to this gorgeous state of Oregon!

But once you cross the eastern border, you have a long, long ways to go till you reach Portland. So, we found the most delightful spot to camp, tucked back behind a wetlands preserve and lots of haystacks.

If you’ve never spent a few hours climbing up and down huge stacks of hay, make sure you add that to the bucket list of things to do before you die. Not only does it smell good, and you get front row seats to the full moon, you also get to have all kinds of fun getting the hay out of your pants when you’re done.

Jeez it feels good to be in back Oregon.

Twin Falls, ID


Sound is the result of something vibrating. And everything…everything…vibrates.

Even our bodies. Our bones, muscles, cells, tissues…right down to the smallest neutron and electron.

If everything vibrates, everything makes sound.

When sounds fit together in a perfect ratio, they are often pleasing. We call this consonance.

When sounds don’t fit so perfectly together, they often cause discomfort. We call this dissonance.

When our bodies are vibrating at their natural rates (collectively about 8 cycles per second), we feel good…we experience health…we are harmonious.

Not only are we harmonious within our own body, we are in tune with the Earth, which also collectively vibrates at about 8 cycles per second.

Some things don’t fit so well with these natural vibrations.

And we experienced almost all of them in one town, on one night, on one walk.

Without going into too much detail, here’s the epic list of dissonances that somehow swirled together to give us quite the life lesson of contrast:

*power lines buzzing so loud our teeth chattered
*racing cars on back roads anxious to run us over
*the most horrid smell of manure mixed with sewer ever
*unhappy irrigation pumps
*hissing sprinklers stuck on one poor stalk of corn
*the stark silence of two friends, in the aftermath of the greatest argument of their tour yet, walking on opposites sides of the road…

Needless to say, just as darkness defines light, and cold defines hot, this night catapulted us into some of the deepest insights we have known in life thus far. And for that, even though it seemed rough, we are truly, eternally grateful.

Now it’s time to play some more music at the Raw and Living Spirit Retreat!

While We’re At It…

Since we’ve discovered how great of tourists we are, why not hit up another national treasure before the next show?

Yellowstone, here we come!

The best lesson of the Park?

Old Faithful.

Turns out that our beautiful Mother Earth, once again, provides us with a great example. She regularly blows of hot steam, full of pressure and force.  And not just in one place… in hundreds of places.

Makes total sense as a metaphor to human life, doesn’t it?

Let that stuff build up under the surface for long enough, and it’s bound to blow and cause a lot of damage. Vent at regular intervals and create beauty!

So go, everyone! Blow off heaps of steam and create some beauty!

What’s At The Top of THIS Mountain?

Oh…just a little thing called…


We set out on what we thought was going to be a little morning hike to the top of a cool hill near our awesome campsite. Yes, we knew we were in the vicinity of a national monument, but we must not have noticed how long we’d been hiking, because suddenly, I looked up and said, “Is that a parking lot here on top of this mountain?” Greg replied, “No way…we’re so far back in the forest…”

But we were intrigued and compelled to go investigate.

And lo and behold, what did we find?

Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln.

Well, at least their massive heads carved in rock.

Suddenly, like magic, we were transformed from touring musicians out taking a hike into real, live, bonafide American Tourists. And we played our part well. We took what must’ve been hundreds of pictures, hurt our necks looking up and gaping, and even popped into the museum to watch “the making of” movie!

And this is all I have to say:

“THANK YOU, Mr. Borglum, for showing me that you can dream a really, really, big massive dream and get a bunch of people to help you, and end up with a truly beautiful, awe-inspiring, timeless, work of art. Swaha Living Theater…here we come!”

(If you don’t already know of the recent developments on Kendra’s dream for a truly unique experience of our ultra-universal-connection-to-unconditional-love by way of a theater, you should ask her sometime. She needs lots of help and support!)


Ok. This was a big stop. And I mean BIG. In many ways.

In this quiet little town, we:
Saw the Piasa Bird and learned of the legend,
Dipped our feet in the Mighty Mississippi,
Ate all the food in the mid-west

visited the tallest man who ever lived (8’11”)

Played an incredible benefit concert for a Relay-For-Life Team and the
American Cancer Society…and raised some serious money!
Played for a church service,
Played for residents of a dear little nursing home,
Played a concert in a park on one of the most lovely evenings in time,
Spent a day at Raging Rivers water park careening down tubes filled with
splashes and smiles,
Picked up a booking agent/event planner who has energy and spunk like no
and even spent time with some of Kendra’s nearest and dearest family.


If I told you all about each of those items, you’d be reading a book.

So instead, I’ll say THANK YOU to the entire state of Illinois for their
support, kindness, enthusiasm and inspiration. We will DEFINITELY be back!

And now…now we are heading into a unique part of our journey: The Writing

We have decided to lay low on concerts for the next few days and focus on
writing new material as we head west to our favorite state of all…Oregon!

We’ll pass through Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana,
Wyoming, and Idaho before we get there, but get there we will. Happy is
running better than ever (save for the time we actually ran out of GAS and
had to be towed to the nearest mechanic…more on that in-person perhaps

Upon arrival in Oregon, we will be performing and taking part in the Raw
and Living Spirit Retreat at Camp Adams in Molalla, OR over Labor Day
weekend. If you don’t already have plans, absolutely come join us! We’re
talking GREAT food, music, campfires, swimming holes, and bunk beds.
Seriously. COME!

After that, we plan to be in Portland for one night, then up to Washington
and down to California before settling in at home for good. We miss you all
and, while this life of freedom and the open road is downright fabulous,
there are things that are even better…like dear friends and family that
we miss!

(This is Happy on the back of the tow truck…turns out you need to fill her with GAS regularly. Oops.)


No really. We’re not kidding. We actually played a house concert down the street from the famous (infamous?) Mr. Rodger’s house, which made us, officially, in his neighborhood. And guess what, it *was* a beautiful day!

We didn’t actually go to his house, but being near it was enough. We felt so wholesome and safe and…cheery! 🙂

We played at the FABULOUS home of Mr. & Mrs. Radkoff, ate delicious food, toured the city, saw naked men cooking weird meals from our high-rise to his, found our first co-op grocery store since Portland, and witnessed one of the most phenomenal thunder/lightning/rain storms ever!

We like Pittsburgh.

Lots of history, culture, rivers, Steelers fans, vistas and views,


A perfect place to sleep, do Tai Chi, smell the flowers (literally hundreds
of flower beds all over this place), and rehearse for our next show…a
rest stop just outside of the heart of Pittsburgh, PA.

Who knew?

The beauty inspired a new arrangement of Bach’s Cello Suite #1
Prelude…stay tuned Portland, we’re bringin’ it back to show you! And we
even wrote a new country song. Yes, you read it right…a COUNTRY SONG!
It’s tentatively titled: “I Can Be Free,” and has all the requirements:
loneliness, despair, hope, liberation, and true love.

Truth be told, the lyrics and melody were shouted at Greg by Kendra as she
drove down the highway, but the finishing touches were put on in the peace
of this lovely rest stop. Turns out they’re great places to REST UP and