A Delightful Twist

Music isn’t music if there isn’t space between the notes.

In fact, one may argue that it is the space between the notes that makes a song a song.

Often we think it’s the melody, or the lyrics. But without the rhythm, most songs are completely unrecognizable. Get the groove right though, and you can do anything you want with the melody, harmonies and words and still pull off a great performance of the song.

So if space and silence are important in music, and music is simply a grand metaphor for life, it could be said that space in silence is super-important in LIFE.


We’ve decided to end the tour a few weeks early. We’ll save the California portion of the trip for the days when we’re longing for sun. We’ll spend some time grounding. Soaking up the Portland fall. Breathing deeply as we let all the amazing lessons and insights from our first music tour of the United States sink in and become us.

We’re here, but we’re not charging back into the life of schedules and events just yet. We’ll take some time to reflect with gratitude, complete anything that feels unfinished, and then walk steadily forward with wisdom and intention into the next segment of life.

“Thank you” doesn’t seem big enough to portray the depth of our gratitude for what we’ve experienced. But it’s all we’ve got, so: Thank you for the open road. Thank you for the best little motor home on the planet. Thank you for all the people who listened, shared, opened, contributed, and transformed right along with us. Thank you for blessing us with good food, good books, good hikes, good stars, good audiences, good luck, good gas, good laughs, and good memories. Thank you for showing us that we can do ANYTHING we set our hearts out to do. Thank you for the dissonance and the consonance. Thank you for the ups and the downs. Thank you for music…the grand symphony we call Life.


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