Who Says Nashville Likes Country Over Blues?

This may have been the hottest, most humid day of driving in the south yet.

But even sticky with sweat, we pulled right up to the front door of BMI in Nashville, TN, oozed out of the Dolphin, and marched our musical little buns right up to the massive main desk of one of the largest performing rights organizations in the country. (Check out their golden drinking fountains in the photos below!)

Greg proudly announced who he was and asked if he could leave one of our “Poolside” CDs with Mr. Bradley Collins, a contact he made years ago when he came to Nashville to pitch songs from his first album.

The nice lady stifled a laugh as she informed us that no one gets past her.

So we happily gave the music to her.

Then we headed back out into the sweltering heat to check out this famous country music town.

We found a lot of neon lights, cowboy boots & short skirts, an Elvis Chapel, and that everything was deep fried…even the pickles!

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