Twin Falls, ID


Sound is the result of something vibrating. And everything…everything…vibrates.

Even our bodies. Our bones, muscles, cells, tissues…right down to the smallest neutron and electron.

If everything vibrates, everything makes sound.

When sounds fit together in a perfect ratio, they are often pleasing. We call this consonance.

When sounds don’t fit so perfectly together, they often cause discomfort. We call this dissonance.

When our bodies are vibrating at their natural rates (collectively about 8 cycles per second), we feel good…we experience health…we are harmonious.

Not only are we harmonious within our own body, we are in tune with the Earth, which also collectively vibrates at about 8 cycles per second.

Some things don’t fit so well with these natural vibrations.

And we experienced almost all of them in one town, on one night, on one walk.

Without going into too much detail, here’s the epic list of dissonances that somehow swirled together to give us quite the life lesson of contrast:

*power lines buzzing so loud our teeth chattered
*racing cars on back roads anxious to run us over
*the most horrid smell of manure mixed with sewer ever
*unhappy irrigation pumps
*hissing sprinklers stuck on one poor stalk of corn
*the stark silence of two friends, in the aftermath of the greatest argument of their tour yet, walking on opposites sides of the road…

Needless to say, just as darkness defines light, and cold defines hot, this night catapulted us into some of the deepest insights we have known in life thus far. And for that, even though it seemed rough, we are truly, eternally grateful.

Now it’s time to play some more music at the Raw and Living Spirit Retreat!

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