Ok. This was a big stop. And I mean BIG. In many ways.

In this quiet little town, we:
Saw the Piasa Bird and learned of the legend,
Dipped our feet in the Mighty Mississippi,
Ate all the food in the mid-west

visited the tallest man who ever lived (8’11”)

Played an incredible benefit concert for a Relay-For-Life Team and the
American Cancer Society…and raised some serious money!
Played for a church service,
Played for residents of a dear little nursing home,
Played a concert in a park on one of the most lovely evenings in time,
Spent a day at Raging Rivers water park careening down tubes filled with
splashes and smiles,
Picked up a booking agent/event planner who has energy and spunk like no
and even spent time with some of Kendra’s nearest and dearest family.


If I told you all about each of those items, you’d be reading a book.

So instead, I’ll say THANK YOU to the entire state of Illinois for their
support, kindness, enthusiasm and inspiration. We will DEFINITELY be back!

And now…now we are heading into a unique part of our journey: The Writing

We have decided to lay low on concerts for the next few days and focus on
writing new material as we head west to our favorite state of all…Oregon!

We’ll pass through Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana,
Wyoming, and Idaho before we get there, but get there we will. Happy is
running better than ever (save for the time we actually ran out of GAS and
had to be towed to the nearest mechanic…more on that in-person perhaps

Upon arrival in Oregon, we will be performing and taking part in the Raw
and Living Spirit Retreat at Camp Adams in Molalla, OR over Labor Day
weekend. If you don’t already have plans, absolutely come join us! We’re
talking GREAT food, music, campfires, swimming holes, and bunk beds.
Seriously. COME!

After that, we plan to be in Portland for one night, then up to Washington
and down to California before settling in at home for good. We miss you all
and, while this life of freedom and the open road is downright fabulous,
there are things that are even better…like dear friends and family that
we miss!

(This is Happy on the back of the tow truck…turns out you need to fill her with GAS regularly. Oops.)

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