Sweet Sisters

(so sorry–due to technical difficulties Hayley’s picture is trapped in cyberspace…please check back again soon…)

After a healing visit to a beautiful farm, we headed into the cities. First stop, Asheville, NC briefly, then off to Greensboro, NC to visit Kendra’s sweet, sweet sister, Hayley and play some healing vibrations for her peeps.

We are in the South. And it is downright LOVELY.

Everyone smiles and waves like you’re old friends. One man struck up a rather lengthy conversation with Greg about peaches while standing next to the peaches at a local store. You’d have thought they were relatives sittin’ on the porch in rocking chairs by the way they carried on.

Hayley put together a wonderful venue at a community house just next to the…get this…the POOL! We literally played an entire show while we were…POOLSIDE! In the South. In the Sun. Poolside. Could we ask for anything more?

No. We couldn’t. But we got more.

Really, REALLY amazing people we met.

A life-changing event occurred for Kendra with her sister.

A chance to play poolside, then a chance to slip into our suits and go BE poolside.

And then…to top it all off…the chance to slip into a cool, dark movie theater and watch…


Now, for those of you who don’t know:

Kendra hasn’t read a Fiction in, like, a decade, cause she’s so absorbed with books on quantum physics and sound healing. Hayley, being the fabulous sister she is, recently sent Kendra the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy to encourage a little mental relaxation. As part of the process of keeping Greg awake while driving around the country, Kendra has been reading this riveting novel aloud to Greg. They finished the book just before arriving in Greensboro, so it’s GREAT that it happened to be at the $1.00 theater!

PS. Every where we go, we offer to make folks Green Smoothies. Some take us up on it, some just politely look at us funny. Hayley and her entire staff at work happened to take us up on them, so I think we’re in business! Next tour: Music AND Green Smoothies for sale!

PPS. The only thing we COULD have asked for…and the only photo we actually took while in Greensboro…was more than ONE BAG of tortilla chips to be served as appetizers at the show. They must really like tortilla chips around here, cause Hayley says this scene (see photo) happens OFTEN. Hmmmm…..

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