A perfect place to sleep, do Tai Chi, smell the flowers (literally hundreds
of flower beds all over this place), and rehearse for our next show…a
rest stop just outside of the heart of Pittsburgh, PA.

Who knew?

The beauty inspired a new arrangement of Bach’s Cello Suite #1
Prelude…stay tuned Portland, we’re bringin’ it back to show you! And we
even wrote a new country song. Yes, you read it right…a COUNTRY SONG!
It’s tentatively titled: “I Can Be Free,” and has all the requirements:
loneliness, despair, hope, liberation, and true love.

Truth be told, the lyrics and melody were shouted at Greg by Kendra as she
drove down the highway, but the finishing touches were put on in the peace
of this lovely rest stop. Turns out they’re great places to REST UP and

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