Leaving the beautiful, WARM Atlantic and its boogie-board friendly waves
was really, really tough. But we ripped ourselves away and bumped down the
road to the next state. Virginia.

As we drove, I checked out the good ol’ AllStays App for our next camp
spot…excited to find something equally as rustic and filled with sand and
fun and sun as our spot at Cape Hatteras.

King’s Dominion.
I thought it sounded like a funny name for a campground, but didn’t think
too much about it. Thought maybe it was on a big mountain or something…

When we pulled in, quite late at night, we were in for a surprise. King’s
Dominion Campground just so happens to be connected at the hip to the
King’s Dominion MASSIVE AMUSEMENT PARK and is crawling with teenagers
salivating with anticipation of their next thrill. We nestled in among
screams from the roller coasters and smells of cotton candy and funnel

We got some fun looks when we decided to get up the next morning and do Tai
Chi before the shrieks and shrills began again. I just wish we had time to
stay for a day in the park! (Greg is quite happy to get back on the road
though, as he hates the idea of being strapped into a small metal cart that
may or may not stay on its rickety old tracks for very much longer…)

If you’re ever passing through Virginia, check this place out!


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