Happy’s First Leak…and Foul Smell

After an entire night being pounded by rain and whipped around by wind, we awoke to a clearing sky…and new hope for seeing the sun and the sand at the same time!

But first…we had to secure bowls and tupperware containers to catch all the leaks (uh oh) and then make it through the WALL of mosquitos separating us from the great Atlantic Ocean.

After securing a surf board and two boogie boards, we were off…and soon we were hooked. To all my dearest friends in Portland, guess what?!


It’s so warm you can play for hours!

And the waves…so gentle…they just want to pick you up and set you down wherever you’d like to be.

After a day of splashing and shell searching though, we knew what we had to do.


That’s why we bring a master electrician, carpenter, mechanic, and all-around-fix-it-man on any tour we go on.

Let’s hear it for GREG!

In a matter of hours we were back on the beach.

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