Did I Hit Something?

Not shortly after we added this bumper sticker (photo and close-up above), did we get to live through this scene:

We made a quick stop in a grocery store for some lunch items and were in the Dolphin, still parked in the store’s parking lot, making a salad and sandwiches, when WHAM! Someone smashed right into that sticker! After the shock of what had just happened settled, Greg jumped out of the back to find a very, very elderly man in a huge pick up truck trying to make his getaway.

When the man saw Greg, he stopped his truck, calmly got out, and then said, very sweetly:

“Oh…did I hit something?”

Yes, sir. You did hit something. You hit the largest thing in the parking lot. You hit an entire home on wheels.

Since no damage was done (or so we think so far), Greg did the only thing he could…he wished the man luck and sent him on his way. Before he went, he called out to us, “Thank you!”

Then we headed out to the coolest, skinniest, wettest, funnest part of our journey yet:

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Look it up. You’ll see what I mean by skinniest, at least. 🙂

We’ve been travelin’ and playin’ music for weeks now. And it’s the apogee of our trip. So we must, we just must have a little surfing vacation.


So we drove to end of the country. Literally. If our tires had gone any further we’d have fallen off. As we rolled into town, our roll turned into a sail. In a storm that had Greg laughing hysterically and Kendra praying for her life, Happy (the Dolphin) forged through FEET of fallen rain, sending up 6 feet walls of water on either side.

The first KOA we pulled into was literally submerged in about 2-3 feet of water. A man in a golf cart floated up to us and let us know it would cost $75/night to camp there. In that puddle.

No way, no how. We decided to get outta there before the hurricane hit.

But! Just as we had Swaha-ed the whole idea of a beach-y vacation from the vacation, we saw it. A perfect little camp spot in a teeny little park that was steps off the beach. And somehow still above water.

We grabbed it. And hunkered down for the storm of our lives…

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