Truck Stops & Hula Hoops

OK. Here’s a good lesson. Sleeping at rest stops among the big dog semi trucks may sound like a good, free, easy-goin’ idea, but let us tell you…it’s quite LOUD.

You see, it was pretty quiet and empty when we arrived, but throughout the night the refrigerator trucks arrived, one by one, and stoically took their places on all sides of us. Truth be told, I (Kendra) didn’t even really know what a “refrigerator truck” was until Greg explained it to me. But I know now. I’ve spent the night sandwiched between 6 of them. Ayayai. Lesson learned.

But roaring motors can’t get us down. No way, Jose! We’re back at it early in the mornin’ (about 11 am to be exact)…ready to conquer Idaho!

PS. If you’re longing to experience a wild wind & dust storm, Idaho is just the place for you. Stopped for lunch and all of the sudden, all of the salad had blown off our plates…dressing and all! We barely made it into the Happy (the Dolphin) in time to save the Brussels sprouts (yes, we actually steamed Brussels sprouts for lunch. Weird, but yummy!)

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