Time to Spread The Vibes And Transform Lives!

Holy WOW!

After many months we are finally, dare we say…ready to release the music of Swaha! and Sweeter Than Later to our most dearest friends and loved ones.

If we were writing an ad, it would read:

Kendra and Greg, the band members that make up the entirety of both Swaha! and Sweeter Than Later will be playing in the beautiful old firehouse in SE Portland, now known as the Community Music Center.

Address is:

3350 SE Francis St.

Portland, OR 97202

The music starts at 7:00 pm… be there!

This will be an evening of sweet, sweet songs, both of the vibrational meditational sort and the foot-tappin,’ grin-grinnin’ style. Kendra’s sound healing combo of piano and cello weaves in with Greg’s bluesy folk grooves. Who else, besides these two, would combine such genres?

We will then sail off, in a 19 foot Dolphin Motor Home, to spread the vibes and transform lives. And we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. You have supported us in so many ways…we would not be here without you.

When we return, we’ll have another party…so you can see, hear, and experience the before and after!

We’re still accepting applications for roadies, so let us know if you want to live the dream with us!

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