The Great Separation

If you’ve ever traveled around the entire country in a teeny, tiny motor home with someone who you call your band-mate, close friend, partner-in-crime, producer, singer, songwriter, and accompanist, you’ll know that a day or two of “alone time” is like going to a spa.

After doing a really fun house concert in Littleton, Colorado,  Greg headed over to the rustic, remote, awesome cabin of his childhood best friend: Cousin Kurt.

Once there, he did man-stuff, like grilling massive steaks, building stuff, swapping memories, and rejuvenating while enjoying the mountains and rivers on the South Platte. (The photo above of Cousin Kurt’s living room says it all.)

In the meantime, Kendra hung with her mom, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Dan and sought out the first health food stores she’d seen since leaving Oregon. Oh sweet, fresh, local, sustainable, produce!

Upon reuniting, the two were ready to play play play!

But first! A stop to see if they can buy two new front tires that are NOT bald.

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