The Great Rockies

The Great Rocky Mountains

Well, little Happy (the Dolphin) made it over both Loveland Pass AND Vail Pass in the same day. Can you believe it? She even weathered a massive thunderstorm as we sailed (almost literally) down the west side of Eisenhower Tunnel into Silverthorne.

We settled into a cute little park once we got into the valley, just on the Roaring Fork River. Beautiful hikes in red earth, surprise visitors from Portland, picnics, and then a phenomenal show at a great venue called Steve’s Guitars in Carbondale, CO. Check them out!

We got to open for an incredibly funny and talented artist, Lipbone Redding, who tells great stories and makes his mouth sound like a trombone between verses. His rhythm and beat boxing was off the charts. Check him out too!

PS. We have now successfully dumped the black water tank twice! (The second was a little more flawless than the first…I guess anything can improve with practice…yikes.)


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