Rocky Mountains – Take Three!

Well, Kendra may have a few things to learn about booking shows…

Lesson # 1: Try to book all gigs on one side of the Continental Divide before booking shows on the other side of those massive hills.

But Happy (as you all know by now, that’s the name of the Toyota Dolphin we’re traveling in), she made it over the passes like she was born for it.

It was hard to leave the West Slope, but the rest of the country awaits!

Just before we pulled out of town though, we realized our brakes were smokin’ and smellin’ like mad. So we ducked in to the nearest parking lot of an antique shop. As Greg went to work with his car-mechanic skills, Kendra did the only decent thing left to do: she went inside to shop!

But shopping and brake checking was not the reason the Universe had these two make an emergency stop.

Inside the antique store was a beautiful woman who just so happened to have woke up, THAT MORNING, asking herself if she could make the leap into doing what she LOVED for a way of life instead of doing what she thought she “should.”

Well. Kendra had a few things to say about that.

Eventually Greg ventured in, quite sure Kendra had been swallowed by an antique vase, and helped the cosmic talk by offering our albums as proof that one absolutely can live the life of his/her dreams.

And now, we’ll be having a visitor this fall! It just so happens that our new friend, “Angelique,” had Portland, OR as her dream spot to make her leap!

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