Our first rv park…ever!

 Woke up in a lil’ town called Evanston, Wyoming. Asked where the closest health food store was. “Closest what?” was the reply. Hmmm… I don’t think we’re in Portland anymore, Toto.

That’s ok. We still have a few organic veggies from the co-op and the garden in our little fridge to tide us over. And get this! We’ve actually been making green smoothies every morning in the VitaMix. That’s right…even when it meant plugging the thing into an outlet in the hallway of a rest stop. People may look at us like we’re weird, but as soon as we smile politely and tell them we’re touring musicians from Portland, OR, they all seem to understand.

Greg walked into a bar last night to ask directions to the RV Park and couldn’t decide whether he should enter from the door with the sign “Bikers Welcome” or follow the sign that read, “Hippies Use Side Door.” Once inside, he found only two men at the bar. One man said, “It’s down two blocks on the left.” The other man said, “It’s down two blocks on the right.” Greg got outta there before the bar-fight erupted.

No, really. Everyone is so stinkin’ nice and smiley! Including the clouds and fields of windmills and beautiful rock formations. THIS is really good.

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