Monsters in the Pond

This is not just some cute title for a blog entry.

There is SOMETHING in that pond.

Just looking at the photo now I feel the hairs on my neck standing up, ready to panic.

After a great dinner and swim in the pool (somewhere in the middle of Kansas, I think), Greg and I thought it would be a fabulous idea to sneak a little ride on the paddle boat. There were no signs asking us not to borrow it, after all.

We got all the way out to the very center and were enjoying a moment of stillness.

That’s when it grabbed us.

It only took one, quick look at each other and both of us started paddling our feet like crazy. It didn’t let us go anywhere at first, but somehow we broke free.

As we gathered our wits, we let out a few giggles about how silly we were being. It was probably just some pond-weeds we got caught in, right?

That’s when it grabbed us again.

But this time it shook us a little.

I’ve never moved my little feet so vehemently in my life.

Obviously, I have survived to write this blog post.

Or have I?

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