Loving Loveland

A small town just next to Ft. Collins, CO.

Beautiful people.

Great food.

Heaps of sun.

A lake with a swim beach.

What a perfect venue for Swaha! and Sweeter Than Later.

This was our first “official” show out on the road…and what a show it was.

There was a surprise guest in the audience.

Kendra’s very first music teacher…ever.

The one who gave her some of her first inspirations to sing, to follow passion, to live & breathe music, and to teach.

Connie Matuschek. One of the most lovely women in the world.

Did she have any idea that she was helping shape a young woman’s life forever 25 years ago? Did she know what this girl could do? would do?

Did she know just how far and long her influence would reach?

Do any of us ever realize just how great our impact is?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter if we realize it. Perhaps it only matters that we live from our hearts and trust that the impact will take care of itself.


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