Loads of Love

Loads of Love at Colorado Mountain College

Woke up to a fantastic rafting adventure down the Colorado River! After all the recent rains, the river was not it’s usual deep blue, but rather a vibrant red. What a trip! And being on such a powerful river is such a great metaphor of the flow in our lives. The feeling, deep inside, seems to be the same. We can ride the current and enjoy the rapids and the stills, or we can turn and paddle like mad to go somewhere upstream. The ride is so perfect, why resist? Ever?

Once we got our fill of sun and sand, we played a fun-filled, food-filled, family-filled show at the fabulous home of Abbie & Ron Kroesen in Glenwood Springs, CO. No, they may not have been family by blood, but the warmth and connection in that room were that of old friends and solid family foundations.

Kendra’s old home-town, Glenwood Springs has a LOT to offer. The world’s largest commercial hot-springs pool, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hikes, cool towns, artists, and massive mountains. But even better than all those things, are the people. Outdoorsy, tan, happy, healthy, helpful, outgoing… it’s gonna be hard to leave!

Tonight we play another show on Colorado Mountain College’s Spring Valley Campus. Our audience? More friends from the college, members of an Aikido group from Boulder, CO, and a camp of kids with autism. What a rich opportunity!

Our camp for the last few days has been a peaceful ranch in the heart of the mountains. Thank you Brad Bankhead and Jane Szucs for everything! Tai Chi on the deck, perfectly grilled salmon, and deep breaths in the hot tub.

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