Colorado Mountain College Encore!

One of our newest fans decided to book us another show on the stunningly beautiful campus of Colorado Mountain College at Spring Valley. If you don’t already know about this community college, check it out! Not only do they have campuses in some of the best spots of this country (Steamboat Springs, Aspen, Breckenridge, CO), they also have a site at the highest town in the country: Leadville, Colorado.

One man wrote this while listening to Kendra play “Swaha!” on the piano:

“Swaha. That loving cared for possibility that floats on a wave of vibration that may only be returned by the Beloved… A life’s work; all I have to give and yet not quite enough… Nothing ever is…”

And guess what!? A man from a local radio station was called in to record our performance and will be airing it sometime this week on (we think that’s the site to stream it?). Greg thought he messed up horribly in the first song of Swaha!, but the radio man assured him that the dissonance sounded like it was on purpose. Whew!

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