Back to Our Roots…In the Sticks

Although in very different parts of the country and in very different eras, both Kendra and Greg grew up with warm experiences of fun times with family, big trees, and healing lakes.

So this next show was especially a good one.

After lots of cool, curvy back roads and a few missed turns, they found their way to the way-cool home of the lovely Jody Brogely and her three dogs, two cats, and Mozart – the singing, talking bird. (Greg loved the friendly, sweet people… Kendra’s most favorite part was the huge trampoline…and the people, of course :))

The lake and the land was so peaceful, the one-night stay easily turned into two…and thanks to on-demand-tv, they were able to pause the Olympics long enough to play their best show yet!

I guess it’s true: A relaxed musician is the best musician.

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