A Deeply Touching Day

Three shows in one day today! Phew…this almost feels like hard work.

But the ability of music to relax, connect, and bring profound peace must never be underestimated. With intentional use of vibration, anything is possible!!

Performance #1: A lovely church in Basalt, CO…with a wonderful congregation…lots of healing vibes pulsing through all of us!

Performance #2: A brand new band shell in Lions Park (also Basalt, CO) just after the Farmer’s Market. A repeat audience from the mornings’ church service too. Does this mean we have groupies?!

Performance #3: One of the most profound experiences for us yet. A small, one room church in a small, one room town called Thomasville, CO. May not even be on the maps. Touching. Transforming. Tear-filled. Timeless.

Deepest thanks to Marie and Jerry Gasau for their warmth, support, and hospitality.

PS. This church is so remote, they have an outhouse for a bathroom. It just happens to be the cutest, coziest outhouse on the planet…and get this, it’s a two-seater!

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